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Today there is no way to do without barcodes. They are just strips with various information on them. Such ciphers are read with special scanners. There are many retail facilities equipped with them. The equipment facilitates and accelerates viewing of necessary data. When you manually enter the information it takes too long. It is also possible to make mistakes. Working principle First take the required item. After that, scan the position for a couple of seconds. The system will provide the following indicators: - Product name; - Price; - Share.

All of the above is processed. Then the information is transmitted to the cash register or terminal. Views of barcode scanners 1. By the type of service: - Manual - widespread device. Connects via USB. The scanner is easy to operate and small enough to be quickly and easily handled. Virtually all handheld bar scanners have an extra stand. Manual scanners are mostly used by small stores and companies dealing with large parcels. Very often the manual scanners are used by logistics companies for scanning parcels and various retail outlets.

Stationary - is a stationary mechanism. In order to interact with it you need to bring it close to the object. This machine has a high productivity. This is due to the high speed of activity. It is used in large supermarkets []

- Built-in - is installed in the cash register system. Scanning does not require wires. It is sturdy, immovable, reliable, good working ability. 2. Based on the scanning method - The LED barcode scanner scans the code by the red beam Information first hits the light, is reflected, then downloaded into the system Main disadvantage is that if you hold a barcode more than 10cm away it will not be scanned. The LED scanner can read only one-dimensional numbers because it was created a long time ago The LED scanner reads only one-dimensional codes, since it was created a long time ago.

Proses of choosing LED varieties: a) low cost; b) long life; c) suitable for the smallest barcode sizes.

- The principle of laser barcode scanners is exactly the same. The only thing - their light beam is complemented by laser. The model is more modern, so it's improved. Benefits: a) can read even damaged small barcodes; b) suitable for any format; c) large distance of use; d) very fast; e) can work on an inclined plane; f) can be mounted on optional stand

Disadvantages of the barcode scanner: 1) Does not read when the machine is in motion; 2) Doesn't recognize too smooth and shiny surfaces; 3) Prices high.

3. Photoscanners - new-type equipment. The device works by reading the data from the picture. The scanning process lasts about a couple of seconds. It interacts with all types of data encoding. Reads data from a distance instead of close range. Can scan codes directly from phone or tablet screen even at an angle. It has a robust frame. The only negative factors of this device can be distinguished by its high price. 4. Based on the type of connection - Wireless - connection by cable: standard USB or other types; - Wireless - another name for radio scanner. Interaction is established through the Internet and other additional programs

5. Based on barcode type - Linear - has only one beam Linear - one-beam scanner It is used in small shops - Two-dimensional - with many infrared beams.

In order to select the right barcode scanner you should know and take into account what it will be used for. For example, for trade with excise stamps (alcohol and tobacco products), the model of apparatus with photo system is suitable. Shops with high sales turnover and customers should not save on such equipment. A quality device in the future will facilitate and accelerate the work of staff.