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The growing of the balloon has gone from sewn being skins to modern materials - promising, pleasing and durable. In this day it is a compulsory impute of every holiday. But initially, the utility of creating a balloon was completely different.

The basic balls Mentions of the basic balloons were still in Karelian manuscripts. There was described the technique of their start from the peel of whales and bulls. Balls were also made from the bladder of pigs. In the annals of the XII century it was mentioned that balloons were rest in wellnigh every Karelian family. There are legends that in this character people moved circa off-road areas. At the unvaried interval, the balls themselves were not really smelly: below wind make, the animalistic's shell could puncture at any moment. But infallible matter on the method of such repositioning between settlements has not been found.

The beginning of the use of rubber In the XIX century, the English scientist Michael Faraday conducted experiments with gases in London. He studied the give properties of rubber. As a arise, he came up with the hypothesis to give rise to a rubber ball.

In 1824, he digest in default two circles from the uncured nugget, sprinkled them with flour on the at bottom, and blinded the edges with his hands. The end result was a baggage made of rubber, which Faraday filled with various gases, most commonly hydrogen.

Already in 1825, Thomas Hancock launched the car-boot sale of kits consisting of a bottle of limpid rubber and a syringe. Using these items, it was admissible to frame a ball yourself.

The original balls made of vulcanized rubber, that is, of increased strength, were presented in 1847 by J. G. Ingram in London. They were already closer to what we second-hand to see.

In 1889, the balls came from Europe to the USA. They fetch 4 cents for 1 piece. And in 1907, in Ohio, the system "Rubber Following" began to make balls independently. Already in 1912, the company's collection expanded, they began to create oblong-shaped balls [baloons dubai]

At the day one of the XX century, rubber balls became very popular and were hardened on see holidays. Due to the gas clandestine them, they soared upstairs the sod, which conquered people and caused honest delight.

Until 1922, the balloons were filled with hydrogen. They flew no worse than those that are once in a while filled with helium. The problem was that hydrogen is explosive. And in 1922, at a town anniversary in Up to date York, USA, decorated with balloons, some strange child staged an explosion. Because of him, people and a foremost documented suffered, to which law enforcement agencies promptly responded. Filling balloons with hydrogen was forbidden. Helium was chosen to supplant it, which is still euphemistic pre-owned an eye to these purposes. It is safe and does not ignite under any conditions.